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With This Classifieds Script You Can Be The Next Craigslist?

This Classifieds Script is a website script you can install to run your own easy to manage classified ads. Users are able to submit and verify their own listings via confirmation email, as well as edit and remove these emails, making it effortless to maintain. While the website becomes popular due to SEO Friendly URL's and search engine techniques, you are able to earn money based on advertisement commissions from the well placed advertisement blocks. Get this script today for Only $20 Dollars!

free classifieds

Some Attractive Features Of This Classifieds Script*

* Nice layout
* Easy Navigation
* Clean URL's which make Search Engine Friendly Classifieds!
* User Approval/Editing/Removal of Classifieds via Email
* Clean Administration Interface
* Highly Targeted Advertising to earn profits, which can be edited from admin area.
* Tell-A-Friend/Print/Contact Seller Features.

Information RCoders Development has developed a web software application to allow website owners worldwide to create their own classifieds website for a local community, or a specific niche abroad. Using our state of the art software, webmasters provide the users with a Web 2.0 feel, and a simple smooth navigation while using the classifieds to look for items, or list their own.

Purchase License Agreement COMMERCIAL LICENSE (paid) You will receive all files associated with running the classifieds environment on a web server, and documentation on how to install. You may remove all reference to RCoders Development, alter the code in any way, have banner advertising, install your own methods to monetize, and virtually change any aspect you wish.

You may NOT however, sell more than the one license your purchased if you wish to sell off your script to another individual. Doing so violates your terms of use.

Classifieds Script Requirements

* Web server (linux preferred) with PHP installed
* MySQL Database
* phpMyAdmin or some method to insert Database Queries for initial setup
* .htaccess support for the clean URL system
* Small understanding of working with config file to setup the script, Instructions Included.

Only $20!

free classifieds

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